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Richard Hoff
hoff jewelryMy earliest memories are of picking up a piece of quartz, playing with a broken twig, marveling at a lighting bug. Then the amazement I felt when I found out earthworms eat dirt, trying to catch crayfish, their segmented bodies faster than my mammal hands. Watching an ungamely beetle lift its shell plates and fly away.

I've never stopped relishing the evolutionary whims that shape the flora and fauna around us. Only now I try to show my reverence for the natural world by attempting to duplicate some of it in metal. Letting colored alloys and surface texture highlight their bits and pieces.

My hope is that somewhere there are others who will enjoy wearing these little adornments and that they too will remember we're all just part of a process.



Emma Villedrouin
necklaceRenaissance art, ornate Byzantine detail and the simple flowers of her garden inspire Emma's luminous gold pieces. She uses traditional time honored techniques to fabricate her pieces one at a time.

Emma was raised in Haiti and in New England. Her upbringing in these two dramatically different, yet equally rich cultural environments has influenced her personal sense of color and appreciation for bold shapes.

Emma Villedrouin works with opulent 18k gold, lustrous pearls, and richly colored semi precious stones to create stunning, unique jewelry.

Her handcrafted pieces are intricately detailed, luxurious, feminine, and easy to wear.



Patty Parise Minkowski
patty bracelet"Holding the raw materials, I can feel the weight, the work and the potential."

It was the process that first attracted me to the art of jewelry design and fabrication. The guidance of my teachers and peers from The Maryland Institute College of Art helped establish my jewelry techniques.

Typically, I work in series, such as "Leaf and Bamboo", "Abstract Glass", and "Bling" based on the organic forms of flowers, bamboo leaves, stalks and vines. By using sterling silver, with intricate cutouts, diachronic glass, jasper, carnelian and lapis, I create repetition, color and movement to evoke energy and mood. The evolution of each series is visible in my jewelry's excessive detail.



Ruslan Tokaev
ruslan tokaev ringRuslan Tokaev was born in an artistic family. Both his parents were graduates of S. Petersburg Academy of Ballet. Inheriting his parents' talent, Ruslan decided to continue the tradition of the family. After completing his education, he became a ballet dancer. He had a successful career, working in different theaters in Russia. After sustaining an injury, Ruslan's dancing career ended prematurely.

Having always been an artistic & creative person, Ruslan decided to try himself in the art of jewelry. He became an apprentice in a jewelry factory and then continued his education in a School of Jewelry Art. From an apprentice in the jewelry factory to creating his own inspired designs, Ruslan's career spans 25 years.

He has participated in many international exhibits and won awards for jewelry design. He is a member of IFA UNESCO (International Federation of Artists and Graphic Design).

He has lived and worked in Baltimore since 1999.








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